Use CASQ-it OGI to monitor the final quality check in your outgoing goods section. And let our supplier certificates document the zero-defect quality of your products. In the case of a defect, you can initiate the required remedial action, kick off a new round of inspections and document the repair loops using CASQ-it OGI. Only check where defects are likely to be encountered – and reduce your inspection costs through dynamic sampling by inspection severity. Use our high-performance analyses to recognize improvement potential and learn from your mistakes – before your customer does.

Reduce costs

in your outgoing goods section through:

  • A reduction in inspection frequency
  • A reduction in documentation costs
  • Fewer customer complaints

Improve efficiency

of your final inspection process:

  • Automatic test order generation
  • Integrated certificate creation
  • Automatic quantity reports returned to your ERP system

Material Process - OGI

  • Step 1: Delivery preparation

    CASQ-it OGI and your ERP system are closely linked for maximum efficiency: The production and delivery jobs generated by your ERP system automatically create the respective test order, thus initiating the final quality check.

    Alternatively, you can generate the test order in the CASQ-it OGI module yourself. All the inspector then has to do to initiate the outgoing goods check is to launch the respective test order from the inspection job list.

  • Step 2: Outgoing goods inspection

    Dynamic sampling by inspection severity reduces your inspection costs through ensuring that checks are only carried out where defects are likely. And during each individual test order, specifications, drawings, supplementary images and documents are presented to your employees – providing them with the best-possible support.

    In the case of a defect, defect catalogs lead your employees through the commentary process. Should a defect occur, CASQ-it OGI initiates a repair loop and monitors it to ensure that the inspections are repeated accordingly.

  • Step 3: Delivery certificate

    CASQ-it OGI ensures that your delivery papers are complete: A certificate documents the zero-defect delivery quality and includes all the agreed characteristics. Approval stickers can also be used to label your finished products. Internal certificates, user-defined lists, detailed analyses and the option of

    developing your own quality indicators provide transparent information on the delivery quality of your products. Cost analyses provide the basis for evaluating production defects and reworking effort.

  • Step 4: Analyses

    Only when a defect has been identified can it be avoided – that is why the analysis tools integrated in our CASQ-it OGI module are designed to show you the quality history of your products. Analysis of the main defects and their causes, histograms, ppm and

    capability indicators as well as customer-related and customer-independent analyses allow you to uncover improvement potential on an ongoing basis.