PPAP software: Sampling & production part approval process

CASQ-it PPAP controls your production part approval process from the supplier, producer and purchaser perspective – including resampling and requalification testing. Information on the characteristics to be tested is taken from your CAD drawings, formulas and existing test plans or is simply entered manually. As all the modules in the CASQ-it family are totally integrated, your data flow is guaranteed to be perfect: All the characteristics contained in the PPAP software can be imported into your individual incoming goods, production and outgoing goods inspection plans – and vice versa. At the end of the process, your approval procedures will be accordingly documented in line with IATF 16949, VDA 2, AIAG and DIN EN 9102.

CASQ-it PPAP functions independently or in interaction with other CASQ-it modules – a customized solution that meets your requirements.

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Reduce costs

Reduce costs

of your sampling and approval processes through:

  • Import of characteristics from your CAD drawings or existing test plans
  • Ability to enter data directly into the original forms
  • Paperless exchange of reports with your customers and suppliers
Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

of your sampling and approval process through:

  • Simplified entry of result data using a measuring device or keyboard
  • Import of the measuring results straight from your gauges
  • Automatic drawing numbering




Development process - PPAP

Step 1: Process selection

The report explorer function centralizes all the currently running and completed approval processes – clearly structured according to approval procedure – with detailed reports available at the click of a mouse. The respective approval procedures in line with IATF 16949, VDA 2, AIAG and DIN EN 9102 are also directly integrated in CASQ‑it PPAP. Likewise, sampling according to customer-specific requirements is also possible. For similar processes or products, the approval procedure is accelerated through report inheritance.

Step 2: Detailed planning

CASQ-it PPAP helps you to determine the characteristics: Target values and tolerances are imported from your CAD drawings and automatically numbered. Likewise, characteristic structures are also imported from the test plans in your CASQ-it IGI, II, SPC and OGI modules.

Additional items can also be easily added during the entry phase. CASQ-it PPAP facilitates the planning of detailed reports. All you need to access the stored symbols for geometric dimensioning and tolerancing and the standards deposited for automatic tolerance calculation is one click.

Step 3: Sampling

CASQ-it PPAP records the readings online using an attached inspection device, keyboard or straight from a gauge. Graphical alerts immediately indicate any infringement of the specifications.

It is possible to carry out qualitative assessments, individual and multiple measuring as well as formula linkage for each individual item – to achieve a particularly efficient data collection process.

Step 4: Approval

CASQ-it PPAP documents the various states during your approval process in a transparent manner:

  • Undecided
  • Approval without conditions
  • Approval with conditions
  • Rejection

This also includes support for a cross check on the part of the purchaser.

The graphical and tabular due date display allows you to keep an eye on all the pending resampling and requalification tests. Should changes be made to reports that have already been approved, the automatic report versioning feature ensures that these are transparently documented throughout.

Step 5: Reporting

CASQ-it PPAP supports a paperless information exchange: Each report can be exported or imported in standard XML format in accordance with the QDX 2.1 standard. As a result, you can exchange reports with your customers and suppliers on a purely digital basis.

Of course, reports can also be exchanged online via respective customer and supplier portals for which we offer a convenient and fully-tested QDX interface.

Step 6: Supplier integration

Our PPAP Supplier Edition is a compact, stand-alone solution specially designed for your suppliers. This solution does not require a database and can be installed by your suppliers at the click of a mouse. Using our Supplier Edition not only speeds up the approval process between you and your suppliers but also makes it much more efficient:

Your suppliers do their sampling to your exact specifications – and straight in the required format. The exchange of reports between CASQ-it PPAP and the Supplier Edition is done using the standardized XML exchange format – totally paperless, virtually at the touch of a button and without the potential risk of transcription errors through entering manual data entry.

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