Q-Release 15

Securely networked, mutually successful

In Q-Release 15, CASQ-it unites all the requirements for realizing secure, digitalized quality management processes along your entire supply chain. After all, achieving a successful partnership with your customers and suppliers has its roots in CASQ-it. This is where you are centrally networked with your branch offices and partners – working with them hand-in-hand to process your intercompany quality management processes – directly, transparently, and securely. And in Q-Release 15, this integration now reaches right down to shop floor level: Through the integration of MES and CAQ, CASQ-it offers an all-in-one solution for a leaner and more efficient production process.

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Information Security

Multi-factor authentication, end-to-end TLS encryption and unlimited, end-to-end communications: The multi-level security architecture of Q-Release 15 protects your data and processes from unauthorized access by third parties in a networked intercompany setup. Everyone – be they an employee, third-party system, customer, or supplier – must be authenticated and accordingly authorized – without exception. This involves checking exactly which rights individuals requesting access have been granted with respect to launching CAQ modules, using data and information and running specific functions. This also provides a sound basis for using CASQ-it in the Cloud in the future.


Integrated Collaboration

Worldwide integration with external employees, customer service providers, distributors, suppliers, and customers:

Q-Release 15 lets you connect up with your business partners along the entire supply chain – without the need for additional apps, synchronization, or third-party players – but instead right there within your secure CAQ system.



Through perfect interaction with our MES solution, MESQ-it , CASQ-it is able to close the gap between quality and production management. For example, the inspection points for collecting quality data can be controlled according to partial quantity based on the machine data acquired. Through jointly analyzing your quality and process indicators, correlations between quality trends and the processes in your machine park can be reliably uncovered.


Flexible Work Techniques

Do you take it for granted that CAQ data and functionality will be universally available? When working on your processes, being able to switch between different terminal devices is simply part of the package? And as far as you are concerned, it goes without saying that you can reliably save and restore all the data you have entered, for example, in the aftermath of a lost connection? The intelligent technologies incorporated in Q-Release 15 offer you precisely the range of flexibility that modern work processes are demanding today.


Conformity with Current Standards

Q-Release 15 bundles all the requirements contained in the current standards in its powerful CAQ functions – ranging from the AIAG & VDA FMEA Handbook to the ISO 19011 auditing guide and the VDA “8D” volume on how to install a sustainable problem-solving process.

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