CAQ and MES for the plant and mechanical engineering sectors

Reliable traceability in the plant and mechanical engineering sectors

CASQ-it and MESQ-it are designed to meet the special needs of the plant and mechanical engineering sectors. Whether it is a question of a complex one-off contract or small batch production: Clear process structures, systematic quality control and real-time production management all lead to rising profitability levels. Our integrated CASQ-it and MESQ-it solution supports you from start to finish – from the initial design phase, throughout the production process and whilst managing your customers. For increased process efficiency and more profitable results.

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evaluation system

Reliable supplier performance indicator and evaluation system

production cockpit

Production cockpit for an immediate response to production events

quality reports

Comprehensive quality reports generated at the click of a mouse or “fully automatically”

Serial number

Serial number and material batch tracking throughout all process stages


supports your processes in accordance with the following standard

  • DIN EN ISO 9001

Integrated quality management in the plant and mechanical engineering sectors using CASQ-it

A powerful project management tool, a standard-compliant (mechanical engineering) FMEA system and an inspection planning solution which includes a CAD import feature all shorten your product and process development times. Whilst at the same time minimizing the defect and reject rates during your production process. Throughout all production stages, CASQ-it ensures end-to-end traceability, including

  • Serial number tracking
  • Material batch tracking
  • Delivery certificates
  • Inspection certificates.

This ensures that you can document your process and product quality levels at all times – even where a high degree of automation or extremely complex products are involved.

Efficient production management in the plant and mechanical engineering sectors using MESQ-it

Deadlines you can rely on, precise reactions to customer modifications and optimized production loads – MESQ-it is a synonym for efficiency throughout your production processes. Through intelligent order dispatching, MESQ-it demonstrably reduces the lead times in your production process through

  • Increased machine utilization
  • Reduced downtime
  • Decreasing setup times

Real-time production monitoring ensures that order progress, machine availability and the latest production events remain transparent. This shortens your response times whilst increasing production flexibility – even allowing modified customer requirements to be reliably and efficiently implemented.


unites all the latest requirements placed on a modern MES system, including

  • Functional features in accordance with VDI Guideline 5600
  • Production indicators according to VDMA Specification No. 66412

These are the advantages Böhme & Weihs offers machine and plant manufacturers:

  • Systematic defect prevention strategies
  • Intelligent project management
  • Extremely fast inspection plan generation with an integrated CAD import feature and automatic drawing numbering
  • Quality documentation through individual, company-specific inspection certificates
  • Detailed quality and production indicator system
  • Complaint and defect tracking, including integrated escalation management


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