CAQ and MES for the apparatus engineering sector

Quality and traceability in the apparatus engineering sector

CASQ-it and MESQ-it are designed to meet the special needs of the apparatus engineering sector. CASQ-it’s range of networked tools ensures short development periods, secure processes and provides you with that all-decisive competitive edge. The integrated production management feature of our MESQ-it tool reliably detects savings potential, thus increasing the efficiency of your production processes. CASQ-it and MESQ-it – an integrated solution to ensure growing success.

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Quality documentation through company-specific inspection certificates


Comprehensive quality reports generated at the click of a mouse or “fully automatically”


Material batch and serial number tracking throughout all process steps

supplier performance

Reliable supplier performance indicator and evaluation system


supports your processes in accordance with the following standard

  • DIN EN ISO 9001

Integrated quality management for the apparatus engineering sector using CASQ-it

Right from the early development phase, CASQ-it supports your processes through a range of high performance tools designed to provide

  • Transparent project management
  • Standard-compliant FMEAs
  • A universal product and production process approval process
  • Inspection planning, including an integrated CAD import feature

This not only reduces product and process development periods but also simultaneously minimizes the defect and reject rates resulting from your production process. Throughout all the steps in your manufacturing process, our traceability concept guarantees end-to-end serial number and material batch traceability. At the same time, CASQ-it also acts as a compact management information system: Developments over time, analyses covering the main areas of focus and notifications when thresholds are exceeded all contribute to revealing process weaknesses and to reliably uncovering the causes of defects.

Efficient production management for the apparatus engineering sector using MESQ-it

Whether it is a question of production to meet individual customer requirements, small batch or mass production – MESQ-it is a synonym for profitability throughout your production processes. This is achieved through intelligent order planning tools aimed at optimizing resource distribution, thus demonstrably improving the productivity of your production line. In the case of urgent orders or modified customer requests, MESQ-it presents alternative utilization scenarios for your machines – allowing you to produce efficiently whilst complying with all your deadlines. Our production cockpit provides a transparent overview of your production processes – in real time. This allows you to keep an eye on order progress, machine availability and the most recent production events. Additionally, our real-time notification system provides you with immediate information on all events that have been individually defined.


unites all the latest requirements placed on a modern MES system, including

  • Functional features in accordance with VDI Guideline 5600
  • Production indicators according to VDMA Specification No. 66412

These are the advantages Böhme & Weihs offers in the apparatus engineering sector:

  • Systematic defect prevention strategies
  • Project and project task management tools
  • Extremely fast inspection plan generation with an integrated CAD import feature and automatic drawing numbering
  • Alternative production scenarios for ad-hoc orders
  • Transparent real-time production cockpit
  • Real-time notification system for production events
  • Detailed quality and production indicator system
  • Complaint and defect tracking, including integrated escalation management

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