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CAQ and MES from a single provider

On the road to growing success with our CAQ and MES solution concept:

Depending on your requirements, you can decide whether you want to closely integrate the two solutions in an overall concept – or whether you would prefer to use them independently in your quality and production management processes. Whether you are interested in a CAQ or MES solution: Each of these two solutions is a milestone in itself. Our flexible customization options, an intuitive user interface and technological advancements are truly convincing.

CASQ-it is the perfect solution for a process-oriented quality management system. CASQ-it safeguards your leading edge through rising quality levels, systematic defect prevention and a transparent monitoring system: CASQ-it builds reliability into your quality management and quality assurance processes. 100 % encrypted and if needed tamper-proof in the cloud.

MESQ-it is just the software you are looking for for smart production management. Exploit the optimization potential offered by your production processes, reduce your inventory and win your customers over through timely deliveries and top quality. MESQ-it creates efficiency and transparency within your production processes.


Your advantages

  • Quality-assured: Over 30,000 users work with our software every day.
  • Future-proof: We have been developing modular standard software for over 30 years.
  • A secure investment: CASQ-it and MESQ-it are scalable, flexible solutions that adapt to your growing needs.


Your benefits

  • International: CASQ-it and MESQ-it provide multi-language support – simultaneously and in over nine languages.
  • Self-sufficient: Your work is browser-based with mobile access – from your PC, a tablet or your smartphone.
  • Standard-compliant: You automatically comply with all the required standards and regulations as your solution is always right up-to-date.

Your gain

  • Increased efficiency: CASQ-it and MESQ-it optimize your processes in a verifiable manner.
  • Transparency: Dynamic, up-to-date information from your quality and production management systems can be used as a basis for reliable and sustainable decisions.
  • Competitive edge: You gain a decisive edge on the market through documented reliability of quality, fast delivery times and dependable products.

CASQ-it is a modular CAQ system which guarantees quality from day one. Throughout all your processes – from your development process to your material and support processes – CASQ-it supports, manages and monitors your workflows to ensure that only the very highest quality levels are achieved.


MESQ-it is an innovative MES tool for tomorrow’s production management processes. This compact, single module MESQ-it tool has been specially designed for browser-based, mobile usage to provide transparency and efficiency throughout your production processes – wherever you may be.