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Defect-free business processes lead to defect-free products. And that is exactly why CASQ-it is designed to encompass all the steps in your quality assurance and quality management processes – starting with the development process, continuing through the material process – up to and including your support processes. The advantage of CASQ-it lies right here in this process-oriented mode of operation – functionality that enables your CAQ system to adapt flexibly to your processes – and not vice versa.

CASQ-it supports your quality assurance processes on their journey into the future: Quality and reliability increase customer satisfaction whilst reducing the cost of quality.

Discover the benefits of CASQ-it – with over 30,000 users one of the most successful CAQ quality management solutions around.

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CASQ-it is

  • modular: Each separate CASQ-it module functions independently – enabling you to optimize individual processes and workflows within your company right from day one.
  • process-oriented: Our modules can be flexibly combined – or used to create a comprehensive quality assurance system.
  • integrative: CAQ functions are embedded in existing software solutions. This means that your indicators and quality information are available in your familiar working environment, your ERP or your Office system.
  • needs-oriented: Wherever your company is heading, CASQ-it grows with your requirements and can be consistently expanded – to accommodate regional or global needs, the needs of a single employee or to create an overall, company-wide system.
  • efficient: The intelligent automatic routines and workflows stored in all our modules take the load off your employees so that they can concentrate on their main tasks.
Info package

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We are pleased to send you our information package with no obligation. 

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The development process


CASQ-it is a synonym for systematic defect prevention – prevention that starts in the early development process. Right from the initial product design phase, our CASQ-it modules support your project management processes, risk assessment and process planning activities and your gage management – right through to the production process and product approval stages.

The material process


CASQ-it systematically monitors your material process so that defects are discovered and can be corrected early on. To achieve this, our CAQ system cleverly takes all the specifics of your production process (made-to-order, small batch, series or mass production) into account. Use CASQ-it to reliably manage the quality and efficiency of your processes during the procurement, production and supply phases.

Support processes


CASQ-it ensures efficiency and quality throughout your support processes: The CAQ system provides you with reliable support during the complaints and defect analysis process through integrated complaints processing workflows. CASQ-it centralizes all the required actions and manages these to ensure they are processed on schedule. Audits monitor the quality of your processes throughout the entire organization. And CASQ-it also supplies dependable quality information on all your workflows – indicators and evaluations which serve as a basis for entrepreneurial decisions.

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