Batch and intermediate inspection software

Use CASQ-it BII to selectively monitor the quality of your in-house and external made-to-order, small batch and mass production processes. Intelligent dynamic sampling rules allow you to reduce your inspection time and effort by only checking where defects are likely to be encountered. If a defect is found, CASQ-it BII also supports you by coordinating reworking and the recurrent repair process. The software for batch and intermediate visualizes the results of the inspections in respective analyses and capability indexes – for a reliable assessment of the quality of your own in-house products and those of your intermediate suppliers.

CASQ-it BII functions independently or in interaction with other CASQ-it modules – a customized solution that meets your requirements.

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Reduce costs

Reduce costs

of your production processes through:

  • Qualified suppliers and production steps
  • Automatic documentation right through to the final delivery certificate
  • Continually improving product quality
Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

of your manufacturing monitoring processes through:

  • Reduced inspection frequency through dynamic sampling
  • Guided manufacturing inspections
  • Automated return of the inspection results to your ERP system




Material process - BII

Step 1: Work preparation

CASQ-it BII is interconnected with your ERP system: Every production order created in your ERP or MES system automatically generates a respective test order for each individual work sequence involved. CASQ-it BII’s intelligent dynamic sampling rules reduce your inspection costs: Checks are only carried out where defects are likely to occur based on past history. CASQ-it BII is a reliable tool for discovering defects and preventing these from being passed on through the production chain.

Step 2: Manufacturing inspections

CASQ-it BII guides your employees through the inspection process and allows them to take action more confidently. All the respective provisions, drawings and documents are integrated in the test order and can be accessed through a simple mouse click. The readings are transferred online via inspection devices and gauges connected to the system.

CASQ-it BII provides efficient support to your employees during each test sequence. CASQ-it BII returns the inspection results to your ERP system, thus controlling the usage decision: Further processing, shipment with/without certification or repair and repeated inspection process.

Step 3: Documentation and analysis

CASQ-it BII continually provides you with information on how the quality of your production is developing via detailed graphical evaluations, analysis overviews and quality indicator progress reports. CASQ-it BII also implements user-defined lists to display exactly the information you require.

STEP 4: Improvement potential

CASQ-it BII allows you to exploit improvement potential: Information on past defects can be called up instantly right from the work preparation phase – and exactly where you need it, i.e. on the order screen in your ERP system.
Full quality history details can be displayed with a simple mouse click. This allows you to call up information on the main defects, histograms, capability indexes as well as cavity and root cause analyses in a familiar working environment.

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