Complaints management and error-analysis software

Use the complaint management software CASQ-it CMEA to analyze supplier, customer and internal complaints and follow them through to their final remedy. Quickly and reliably. And whilst remaining highly flexible: Whether we are talking about stored 8D/4D processes, the automatic transfer of complaints from customer portals or complaints processing in the web – our complaints management software guarantees efficient complaints management aligned precisely to your requirements. And a range of powerful analysis tools show you where there is potential for improvement.

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Reduce costs

Reduce costs

of your complaints management system through:

  • Accelerated complaints analysis
  • Efficient supplier/customer communications with automated report generation
  • A reduction in the costs resulting from defects with indicator-driven defect prevention
Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

in your complaints management section through:

  • Workflow-driven task distribution
  • Cause analysis using Ishikawa diagrams and the 5 Whys technique
  • Conversion of customer complaints into supplier complaints according to the principle whereby who caused the problem is responsible




Support process - CMEA

Step 1: Complaints acceptance

Our complaint management software CASQ-it CMEA has a flexible design so that you can decide on an individual basis exactly which content is to be collected when recording complaints. Configurable mandatory fields ensure that all the information that is required to quickly process the complaint is actually available. All our other CASQ-it modules are closely interconnected with CASQ-it CMEA.

Our Incoming Goods Inspection module, for example, can initiate supplier complaints. Our Intermediate Inspection, SPC and Outgoing Goods Inspection modules generate internal complaints and can also initiate supplier complaints.

Step 2: Complaints processing and cause analysis

From initially recording the defect to remedying it and avoiding it in the future: CASQ-it CMEA optimizes your complaints process, thus increasing customer satisfaction.

Our intelligent similarity search tool prevents work processes from being duplicated: This is achieved by combining all new complaints with similar complaints received in the past. As a result, the cause analysis for a particular complaint is only carried out by one team rather than by several teams working independently of each other.

In the background, CASQ-it QWM controls the processing of complaints through your individual company workflows. This means that your employees receive their instructions at exactly the right moment – fully automatically. Integrated Ishikawa diagrams and the 5 Whys questions catalog also further contribute to ensuring efficient processing and a target-oriented cause analysis process.

If the defect can be ascribed to the supplier, the principle whereby who caused the defect is responsible is applied: A respective supplier complaint can be generated from the customer complaint at the touch of a button.

Step 3: Task management

Our centralized CASQ-it TMS task management system lets you process and analyze all your emergency, remedial and avoidance tasks. All employees are informed of their tasks via email. And our integrated deadline monitoring tool makes sure that your processing deadlines are adhered to.

From a simple deviation to an embedded 8D process including a final report in accordance with the IATF 16949 and/or VDA standards: CASQ-it CMEA documents all your activities and tasks and monitors their effectiveness accordingly.

Step 4: Analyses

The graphical analysis features of our CASQ-it CMEA module lay the foundation for building your continuous improvement process: From a complaints-independent overview to specific detailed analysis. For reliable defect prevention and a reduction in defect costs.

Whatever quality goals you have in focus – our integrated analysis tools provide all the information you need:

  • Main defect areas
  • Defect costs
  • Defect causes
  • Defect originator
  • Particularly critical customers
  • Problematic suppliers
  • Most costly defects
  • Most expensive product groups
  • Processing duration
  • Quality trends…

CASQ-it CMEA brings transparency to your processes every time you click on the mouse.

Step 5: Quality indicators

For negotiations with your customers and suppliers, CASQ-it CMEA provides you with quality indicators guaranteed to have a major influence on the successful outcome of these negotiations. And with no additional effort involved.
These indicators – whether viewed individually or used for comparison purposes – provide you with quick, concentrated information on the quality of your past deliveries.

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