Automated workflow and process management

Our CASQ-it Quality Workflow Manager automatically controls all the workflows and processes at your company – and is directly interconnected with all your other CASQ-it modules and beyond. CASQ-it QWM achieves this by processing a graphical workflow in the background. This workflow corresponds 1:1 with your company-specific processes – and we mean each and every individual process step. This generates chains of events that automatically dispatch emails, distribute information and request those responsible to process certain work steps – both within and without your company – right up to your suppliers and customers. This puts you in control of the following:

  • Complaints processes, differentiated according to complaint type
  • CAPA processes
  • All your business processes, even non-CASQ-it CAQ-related processes

CASQ-it QWM is your reliable workflow manager for clear-cut responsibilities, efficient information distribution and rigid task tracking.

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Reduce costs

Reduce costs


  • Automated communications – all the way through to the supplier
  • Reduced information distribution effort
  • Pre-defined text blocks for your tasks and emails
Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency


  • Growing transparency throughout your business processes
  • Timely workflow and process management
  • Less incorrect information




Support process - QWM

Step 1: Workflow definition

Simply specify your procedures using CASQ-it QWM’s graphical interface – just like in a process flow chart. Tasks are pre-planned for your employees, teams, departments and cost centers – and should cover all eventualities. Using if/then relationships, integrated decision scenarios are planned in advance, whereby you can link up your processes in whatever way you wish.

Step 2: Information management

CASQ-it QWM automatically dispatches emails for all work steps along the way. The recipients receive all the respective information directly via their mail programs, such as Outlook, and are accordingly requested to process the next task.

This lets you define complete information chains. Text blocks are available to help you compile your emails. And in numerous different languages so that the texts are immediately displayed in the reader’s own language.

Step 3: Tracking

CASQ-it QWM ensures that all employees know exactly what they have to do. By clicking on the links in their emails, the users are led straight to the respective CASQ-it modules.

As soon as they have finished their tasks, follow-on emails are generated to activate the processors next in line – even beyond company boundaries.

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