Efficiency for your production management processes with MES software

MES gives you the edge

MESQ-it kicks in where the greatest optimization potential for your production processes is to be found:

  • Increased machine utilization
  • Reduced downtime
  • Optimized lead and setup times
  • Decreasing inventory levels
  • Improved adherence to deadlines

– all thanks to MESQ-it which improves your production processes, delivers transparent indicators and provides you with a real-time picture of what your machines are doing.

The MES with a difference

MESQ-it is the first MES solution to head off in a completely new direction: Leave module thinking behind and move on to a function-based, integrated workplace – no toggling, no module switchovers. Successional work steps can be processed one after another, in line with your process workflow.

MESQ-it is a synonym for simplicity as it is exceptionally intuitive to use. This guarantees brief familiarization periods and the fast supply of information in your daily production routine. MESQ-it also stands for transparency: Through being browser-based, your MES can run on any of your terminal devices without any additional installation effort – so that you always have all the information you need, whether you are at your office, on the road or at home.

Information package

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MESQ-it is

  • Integrated: MESQ-it unites all the features of your order management, detailed planning, operating materials and general materials management, quality management, equipment and production data acquisition, as well as your performance evaluation processes in one single module.
  • Web-based: All that MESQ-it needs is an Internet browser to guarantee you the highest possible flexibility using any of your terminal devices – even a smartphone – whilst ensuring that your data remains absolutely secure.
  • Highly transparent: Recording and processing your data is done in a split second – and that is what makes a difference: MESQ-it provides you with a true picture of all your production processes – in “real” real-time.
  • Future-oriented: MESQ-it unites all the latest demands placed on a modern MES system. This includes the features stipulated in VDI Guideline 5600 as well as production indicators in line with VDMA Specification No. 66412.

Industrie 4.0 – today

MESQ-it is completely cloud-based. The MES achieves this by creating a network across all your machines – throughout all your locations. Worldwide. And beyond company boundaries, if necessary – in keeping with the digital factory concept. MESQ-it collects all the resource, order and production event information in your company cloud and consolidates it on your central web server – guaranteeing high availability levels and data that is always up-to-date.




MESQ-it provides you with intelligent support right from the early planning phase: Our detailed planning tool is extremely intuitive to use and is the control center for all your planning activities – whether these involve orders, personnel, machinery or tools. This provides you with an overview whilst taking the interrelation of your resources into account. The digital planning chart provides you with a general overview of all your production orders, personnel and machinery assignments as well as your maintenance jobs.



MESQ-it ensures that you maintain an overview of all your production processes, in particular when utilization levels are high or when unscheduled events occur. Whether your data is collected through a machine connection or via manual feedback from your employees: The production cockpit centralizes the recorded information, data and states from all your production areas – transparently and in one single screen view – an online representation of your production process without any time delay.

MESQ-it supports your production workers and machine operators through the implementation of a specially-optimized software interface: On the group and machine terminals, everything has been designed for really easy operation and maximum transparency – to support your production processes in the best possible way and to improve the whole workflow.



MESQ-it helps you to recognize improvement potential and use it to the best of your advantage – over and over again. The indicators and analyses generated through MESQ-it allow you to conduct targeted root cause analysis to uncover potential weaknesses in your production process and to reliably detect unexploited resources. This automatically turns MESQ-it into an objective foundation on which to evaluate the viability of savings concepts, quality reliability and intelligent resource usage.

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