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Our Qualification Management software supports you with the development and brush-up of individual employee skills on an ongoing basis. It is based on a clearly-structured qualification matrix which not only displays all your current staff capabilities but also identifies improvement potential. Advanced training measures can be swiftly derived and scheduled as a result. The alarm system reminds you well in advance where proof of qualification is limited and needs to be renewed. And the schedule overview lets you keep an eye on all your upcoming training dates.

Our Qualification Management software provides the basis for aligning advanced employee training measures to future needs whilst simultaneously increasing motivation levels through the promotion of new skills. The powerful software features also support you in fulfilling the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015, Clause 7.2.

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Reduce costs

Reduce costs

of your Qualification Management system through:

  • Systematic planning of your training activities using a qualification matrix as opposed to ad-hoc measures
  • Fast access to the current qualification status of all your employees without the need for an extensive information collection process
  • Use of personnel information from your ERP system without having to enter the information twice
Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

of your Qualification Management system through:

  • Automatic monitoring of qualification and license expiry dates
  • Clearly-structured lists with the dates of the planned qualification measures at the touch of a button
  • Integrated rating system for reviewing the effectiveness of the qualification measures carried out




Qualification Management

Employee profil

The employee profile shows the current status for each individual employee. This includes personnel information, such as personnel numbers and entry dates, as well as information on employee expertise. Each qualification can be individually classified according to a range of competency classes. This provides a clear picture of how confident the employees are in exercising their qualifications, resp. of the strength of their current skills.

The validity period noted alongside each qualification ensures that you are alerted about any required training well in advance. And should proof of validity be missing – or where an employee is not to be deployed in a certain position – qualifications can simply be blocked via a respective check box.

Qualification matrix

The Qualification Matrix supplies you with a systematic overview of the skill sets of all your employees. It provides a constant overview of your staff deployment options and identifies training needs: Is there enough trained staff for important key roles? Where can employees be promoted so that they can be assigned new tasks? Have training measures and advanced training sessions already been scheduled for qualifications with a limited validity period? Bottlenecks in key roles and organizational units – or cases of over-qualification – are brought to light reliably.

Whether you are concerned with qualifications within the company as a whole or in specific departments, the information displayed in the Qualification Matrix can be flexibly adjusted to meet your individual requirements. Special symbols show you straight away which skills are available, blocked or missing and which training measures have been scheduled.

Qualification monitoring

Regular safety instruction, training measures, external aptitude tests – our Qualification Management software helps you to keep track of all your deadlines by automatically monitoring the recorded validity periods. Where the validity is due to expire, colored labels draw your attention to the fact that measures are needed to keep the qualification running. The respective reminder periods can be individually set.

After the training measure has been completed, a review of its effectiveness is documented in the employee profile. Was the objective of carrying out the measure fulfilled, not fulfilled or only fulfilled in part? It is also possible to track at any time whether employees are able to apply what they have learned.


Our Qualification Management software is highly flexible. It can be integrated into your processes either as an integral part of your MESQ-it software solution or as an independently-implemented management tool for systematic personnel development.

In interaction with the functions provided by your MES system, our Qualification Management software guarantees efficient workflows: Combining tasks and workplaces with employee qualifications ensures that your personnel is optimally deployed in the detailed order planning process. Validity periods are automatically monitored. Should employees be lacking basic qualifications – or should they have been excluded from a certain skill set, they are simply not available when the assignment in question is being planned. These features allow MESQ-it to offer you a realistic overview of your available capacities which enables the production control center to reliably assign your resources.

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