Reliable resource management

Using MESQ-it

With MESQ-it you can reliably ensure the availability and functionality of your operating materials. From specific shift assignment and planned downtimes to current changes in operational capability – the operating resource management software continuously updates the availability and status for each of your operating materials. Shortages and available capacities are automatically considered in the detail planning and precision control for the efficient use of your resources.

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Reduce costs

Reduce costs

in resource management by:

  • Improving the provision of operating materials
  • Reducing downtime and outage time
  • Identifying capacity reserves
Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

in resource management through:

  • Transparent overview of operating materials status
  • Integrated history for each operating material
  • Traceability across all production stages




Resource management

Resource planning

The operating materials calendar supports proactive planning with regard to your resources. Here you plan dates for maintenance and service to ensure the availability of your equipment and machines. Moreover, based on your shift model, you assign your machines and equipment to the shifts.

With MESQ-it, you can allocate operating materials to qualified personnel based on specific circumstances:

  • Depending on machine requirements
  • Per individual employee or for personnel groups
  • Per individual machine or for entire machine groups

Resource monitoring

MESQ-it displays all of the details regarding operating materials at a glance: on one hand, right in production on machine and group terminals; on the other hand, in the central MES production cockpit at your work station or on your tablet PC. You are completely informed everywhere, at all times.

  • Operating material status based on the traffic light principle
  • Status information (available, in use, restricted, disturbance, maintenance, repair, …)
  • Detailed information regarding reasons for disturbance
  • Assigned order/item
  • Status of the overall order
  • Quantity produced, rework, rejects

All recorded information flows directly into the detail planning and precision control and is taken into consideration in order dispatching.

MESQ-it represents transparent information management based entirely on your needs. For every event, no matter if it was planned or not, MESQ-it informs you immediately by text message or email.

Resource history

In the long-term archive, MESQ-it collects all of the information about your operating materials. No matter if they are related to a specific point in time or to a period of time, or to an individual or direct comparison: analyses and parameters allow your production system to be evaluated based on quality, availability and performance.

In addition, like a log book of sorts, the booking history shows each change in status and each production event for a machine or a machine group. 

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