Interactive production performance analysis

Using MESQ-it

The performance analysis software in MESQ-it provides you with transparent analyses and parameters (KPIs) in accordance with VDMA standard sheet 66412. The interactive parameter analyses with drill-down capability provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your production system with regard to quality, availability and capacity. They also support targeted root cause analysis for possible weaknesses and potential for improvement – for sustainable cost savings concepts, increasing efficiency, assured quality and intelligent use of resources.

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Reduce costs

Reduce costs

in performance analysis through:

  • Improving machine utilization
  • Optimizing lead times
  • Increasing human resource efficiency
Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

in performance analysis through:

  • Key performance indicators, comparisons and analyses at the touch of a button
  • Customized analyses based on your requirements
  • Access to information anywhere – on your tablet PC and smartphone




Interactive performance analysis

Performance analysis

Improve planning precision, increase equipment capacity, reduce production costs, ensure adherence to schedules – with the powerful MESQ-it key performance indicators, you can take advantage of all of the improvement potential in your production. To do so, MESQ-it provides parameters in accordance with VDMA standard sheet 66412, such as OEE, quality rates, reject rates and extent of setup.

Analyses with drill-down capability and target-actual comparisons complete the transparent process assessment. MESQ-it monitors the parameters obtained, compares them with target specifications, and warns you immediately if there are deviations.

Dynamic production evaluation

In MESQ-it you determine the depth of the analysis yourself, completely in accordance with your own need for information. Option menus can be used to combine analysis parameters with each other with flexibility: Which order was produced on which machine and when? What were the results? For targeted control of your production, the parameters can be considered in comparison, both in relation to a point in time and over a course of time.

No matter if it is a real-time analysis of production processes, long-term assessments of production performance, or higher-level management information: MESQ-it provides all of the information succinctly.

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