Efficient Production Data Acquisition / PDA

Using MESQ-it

MESQ-it is intelligently interconnected with your production. From highly advanced, automated production facilities to existing equipment without control systems – the production data acquisition software reliably records, processes and compresses your machine data. This systematically reveals improvement potential and increases the performance of your production.

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Reduce costs

Reduce costs

in production data acquisition through:

  • Direct data flow for information without delay
  • Alarm in case of disturbances enables immediate reaction
  • Automatic order feedback to your ERP system
Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

in production data acquisition through:

  • A software interface especially for machine operators – self-explanatory
  • Easy response via touchscreen – with plausibility check
  • Optimum overview of all machines in the online hall plan




Production data acquisition / PDA

Production response

With group and machine terminals, MESQ-it is designed with easy operation and transparency in mind to provide the greatest possible support in production.

The online hall plan on the group terminals provides the optimum overview. The innovative 3D display reflects your production: photos of your machines in their true arrangement in your hall as a background image. Machines, machine groups and entire production lines are always there for your machine operators to see.

Production data acquisition / PDA

Your employees log onto and off of their tasks easily by touchscreen, they begin and end orders, they record reasons for disturbances – supported by a list – and report partial and total quantities. No matter if they are using an individual terminal directly on the machine or a central group terminal: With MESQ-it, your employees have an overview through

  • Color status displays for each machine
  • Quantity bars with displays for remaining quantities, rework and rejects
  • Target/actual comparisons in real time
  • Details about the previous and subsequent operations and the overall order

Plausibility checks provide warnings regarding possible errors immediately upon quantity input. In this way, the machine operator can, if necessary, correct the input before it is reported.

Production cockpit

MESQ-it shows you a current online process representation of your production. Moreover, it is shown in real time so that you can react immediately to unplanned production events and process changes.

Production support

MESQ-it makes it easier for your employees to work with dynamic production events through

  • Providing order and operation documents directly at the terminal
  • Accompanying documents in connection with the exact labeling of the produced goods
  • Direct connection of additional hardware e.g. bar code and RFID scanners

In case of unforeseeable production events, MESQ-it provides exceptionally flexible support for your employees: Comments regarding the events or quantity corrections can also be made after the fact.

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