Real time production monitoring software

Using MESQ-it

Your view of production – in real time with our production monitoring software. In the production cockpit you have a complete overview of all statuses and processes in your production. Moreover, you can react immediately and in a targeted manner in case of unforeseeable events or changes in process statuses.

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Reduce costs

Reduce costs

in production monitoring through:

  • Immediate reaction to downtime warnings
  • Fewer errors in allocation
  • Prevention of unplanned downtime
Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

in production monitoring through:

  • Integrated alarm management in case of unforeseeable events
  • Use of parameters from lists and diagrams
  • Access to information anywhere – on your tablet PC and smartphone




Transparent production monitoring

Production monitoring

With production monitoring, you always have the most current information about production, order progress, machine statuses and human resources deployment:
MESQ-it gives you an online representation of your processes.

Dynamic lists provide you with ongoing information about your orders. Problems are shown in red. Unplanned disturbances with reasons, time of occurrence, and duration of interruption are displayed in detail. This is your foundation for making quick decisions.

The actual time display is your transparent control center for managing your production processes reliably and efficiently.

Alarm management

Plausibility checks provide warnings regarding possible errors immediately upon quantity input. In this way, the machine operator can, if necessary, correct the input before it is reported.

MESQ-it features flexible settings as to which machines and which parameters are to be monitored. Likewise, there are settings regarding which individuals or groups of person are to be informed in case of escalation. In this way you can intervene immediately with countermeasures.

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