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Using MESQ-it

The Process Data Collection feature of our MESQ-it system is one of the most important building blocks along the road to being able to analyze and control all your production processes. It collects process data from your production process in real time and ensures that warning limits are monitored, maintenance jobs launched on time and data supplied to your quality assurance section.

Our Process Data Collection software (PDC) is an integral part of MESQ-it which is divided into different areas of functionality.

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Reduce costs

Reduce costs

in production monitoring with:

  • Minimizing machine downtime through monitoring thresholds
  • Actively improving resource efficiency, coupled with an evaluation of your process data
  • Monitoring your process data centrally
Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

in production monitoring through:

  • Automatically launching test orders
  • Permanently monitoring the current status
  • Increasing production output




Process Data Collection

Set up your system using Plug and Play

Our MESQ-it Process Data Collection module lets you determine which machine data are to be collected and run through your process data analysis system at the touch of a button. You also have the option of allocating individual descriptions to the measured values. You can adapt these settings to meet new requirements at any time.

Automatic data collection with an alarm management feature

Your MES system receives the process data from your machine – in real-time. At the touch of a button, you can determine whether the process data are to be collected continually or only during the actual production process. As a result, this automatic data collection function saves you time and reduces the causes of defects.
The data are called up:

  • Autonomously
  • Continually or at defined times
  • Individually, e.g. according to quantity, when values change according to pre-defined settings or when specific work steps are carried out

The alarm management feature integrated into the Process Data Collection software monitors the set monitoring thresholds, such as temperature or wear. If a threshold – or a value where intervention is required – is exceeded, those responsible are accordingly notified. This allows your machine settings to be adjusted in plenty of time – well before your process quality suffers.

Process data application

MESQ-it lets you continue with the processing of your process data right away. The results of processing your process data can be immediately displayed on your machine terminal – showing where intervention is required. Depending on the individual situation, an operator may, for example, be instructed to adhere to specific default values to avoid using too much material. This does not require any long-winded customizing and can be adjusted later on whenever you want.

Process data evaluation

This production monitoring tool lets you keep an eye on all the relevant data. Any changes during production are provided in an online data analysis. You are free to choose which process data you want which machine to deliver for which period. This allows you to compare your machine data in a targeted and transparent manner.

Analyze the influence of process and product characteristics on your quality

When used in combination with our CASQ-it SPC CAQ module, you can compare the characteristics of your products, quality and processes in the control chart. Interdependencies between production parameters and product quality become apparent at a glance – putting you in a position to optimize your production process. Any non-relevant data can simply be hidden from view.
Combining our Process Data Collection module with SPC allows you to:

  • Jointly examine your process data and quality data,
  • Automatically launch and stop measurement jobs depending on the respective process data, e.g. quantity reached,
  • Expose the relationships between your process data and product quality,
  • Increase the quality of your production process.

Our MESQ-it Process Data Collection module gives you full control over the data pulled from your production process. Use these process data to optimize your manufacturing workflows, improve resource efficiency and control the quality of your production process.

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