Preventive maintenance

Using the maintenance management tool

Our maintenance management software supports your Total Productive Maintenance strategy, helping you to secure the availability of your plant, machinery and tools. The details of all your operating materials are defined in concise master data sheets. The dynamic interval monitoring feature informs you well in advance of all your upcoming servicing jobs – according to the respective service period or machine operating cycle. The time scheduled for these jobs is automatically taken into account during job processing. Our maintenance management tool runs through the servicing, maintenance and inspection process based on your work schedules. Close communication with your ERP system guarantees that any spare parts required for a repair are ordered straight away. The history provides verifiable information of all the servicing and maintenance measures carried out in the form of detailed protocols. Comprehensive analyses provide a clear overview of the costs, maintenance intensity and spare part requirements.

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Our maintenance management tool can be deployed extremely flexibly:

  • Independently – as a complete tool for managing preventive maintenance
  • As an integral part of MESQ-it in accordance with VDI Guideline 5600
  • Networked with the CASQ-it CAQ system
Reduce costs

Reduce costs

of your maintenance management process through:

  • Integrated operating materials management
  • Condition-based scheduling of your maintenance jobs
  • Automatic history which includes all your maintenance measures
Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

of your maintenance management process through:

  • Automatic interval monitoring for all your operating materials
  • Explanatory images and documents in your work schedules
  • Graphical maintenance overview, including all your work orders




Operating materials management

All the information on your operations materials is contained in concise master data sheets. These provide information on the pre-defined service intervals and fixed maintenance schedules. For tools, information on their suppliers, purchase prices and dates, stock levels and drawing numbers, possible storage locations, BOMs, as well as cavities can also be retrieved. Where required, individual cavities can also be blocked with a simple mouse click. In addition, the master data sheets also contain information regarding which work schedules are relevant to the servicing, maintenance and inspection of these operating materials, whereby the maintenance intervals are defined dynamically: either according to the respective service period or machine operating cycle.

The preventive maintenance system is an integrated management tool – one that is also suitable for resources that are not relevant to production. Aids, such as fire extinguishers and elevator systems, for example, can also be monitored using this tool. In order to ensure that all materials remain functional and in a safe condition, the maintenance management tool monitors the service intervals and sends early reminders when inspections are due. With respect to your employees, all their required qualifications are also monitored in the same fashion, if these need to be renewed on a regular basis, for example in the case of a welding license.

Generation of maintenance schedules

The maintenance management tool coordinates all the measures required to ensure that your operating materials remain functional – through proactive servicing, inspections and maintenance. The work schedules required to achieve this, including the respective time schedules, can be easily defined, whereby this is structured according to the individual operations so that the steps to be carried out can be exactly mapped – from a simple cleaning instruction for the machine operator to a complex maintenance plan for the workers in the maintenance division. To provide a clear picture, images and documents, such as sample photos and process instructions, can also be integrated – to support your employees. Checklists provided directly on the terminals remind your staff which tasks need to be carried out and document the implementation of these accordingly.

Deadline monitoring

A special information service supports you with planning your maintenance measures well in advance: For example, you are reminded of any respective due dates via email as soon as 80% of an interval period or machine cycle has been reached. The advance notification period can be selected as required. This always leaves you with enough time to coordinate the upcoming maintenance work, for example, should it be necessary to call in external personnel.

Detailed planning of your maintenance jobs

Our concise scheduling tool shows you at a glance which measures need to be carried out and when – and how much time you need to calculate for these. For optimum orientation, the graphical maintenance overview can be limited to individual capacity groups, such as machines or tools.

Planning management is based on the one hand on ad-hoc notifications from the production division, which require a manually-initiated maintenance job, for example due to unscheduled machine downtime. On the other, regularly-due maintenance work is automatically scheduled according to the respective service period or machine operating cycle – always taking into account your current and planned production jobs. The allocation of suitable personnel is then easily done via drag & drop – taking the respective qualifications into consideration.


Your staff are led through the servicing, inspection and maintenance, resp. repair, process in a structured manner based on the defined work schedules. During this process, the maintenance management tool automatically documents which steps have been completed, how long the work took and how long the machinery was unavailable as a result. The job results are also documented in the same manner. If repair work needs to be carried out on an operating material that can then no longer be used for production, an intelligent chain of events is launched: Planned production jobs are postponed accordingly, those responsible are informed by email and the ERP system automatically receives a purchase requisition for the required spare part. This means that either an enquiry can be sent to the warehouse to reserve the respective spare part or it can be ordered straight away – without losing any time.

Maintenance analyses

Our maintenance management tool creates a detailed history which provides information on all the measures carried out – with respective protocols and results. Our powerful analysis tools provide exact details of the work completed and show where there is potential for optimizing the maintenance process. This includes:

  • OEE
  • MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure)
  • MTTR (Mean Time To Repair)
  • Cost expenditure
  • Downtime caused by maintenance measures
  • Personnel deployment

Extremely flexible deployment

The maintenance management tool adapts itself flexibly to your company-specific requirements and acts

  • As a self-sufficient module for your preventive maintenance process
  • As an integral part of MESQ-it
  • In interaction with the CASQ-it CAQ system to provide an integrated Total Productive Maintenance system
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