Integrated, flexible order management software

Using MESQ-it

The fully-integrated order management software included in MESQ-it controls your orders throughout the production process – from the initial manufacturing order to your repairs, maintenance and service contracts. When handling these orders, the order management software also reacts flexibly to any company-specific factors: On the one hand, the order pool is imported directly from external sources – such as your ERP system. On the other, orders can also be simply entered manually using the intelligent tools offered by MESQ-it. All the data provided are processed by MESQ-it to ensure that these can be quickly accessed when needed for detailed planning and precision control purposes.

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Reduce costs

Reduce costs

of your order management processes through:

  • Intelligent, standardized communications with your ERP system
  • Regular and automatic update of your order details
  • Central administration of all your production, repair, maintenance and service contracts
Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

of your order management processes through:

  • Clear planning overview, including interlinked operations
  • Automatic addition of any missing order information
  • Total transparency throughout the whole order workflow




Order management

Order Input

All orders are available in a central order pool. This order pool is continually updated by your ERP or other systems, such as your service management and maintenance systems – fully automatically and including the very latest status.

In addition, individual production orders can be added to the order pool manually anytime you want – with the aid of your part lists and work schedules.

Supplementary Information

Supplementary information can be added to your orders easily and flexibly. For example, MESQ-it also makes allowance for any changes to the production targets and specific requirements for orders that deviate from the standard configuration.

Any missing information is automatically supplemented by MESQ-it:

  • Individual operations within an order
  • Capacity groups
  • Production periods, including transport, setup and idle times
  • Required operating materials

Furthermore, orders originating from different external sources – such as your ERP system or your maintenance/service software – are given a uniform structure. This results in a central and comprehensive order pool which also directly takes any split and collective orders, multilevel production orders and linked operations into account.

Consolidation of order data

MESQ-it displays the order status and progress in the production cockpit on an ongoing basis. In a single view. Simple, central, transparent. Including a target/actual comparison.

An online map of your processes with all the details:

  • Progress
  • Production volume
  • Rejects, defect ratios
  • Reworking jobs
  • Machine status
  • Machine run time diagram
  • Reasons for disruptions and malfunctions
  • Consolidated disruption times

MESQ-it guarantees optimum transparency throughout all your production events. Enabling you to react immediately to any disruptions.

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