Software for Human Resources Management

Using MESQ-it

The human resources management software integrated into MESQ-it supports you in the efficient planning of your production personnel – taking qualifications, absences and shift models into consideration. The shift plans, together with the availability displays, create the conditions for the transparent capacity planning of your production personnel. And it enables you to react with great flexibility to needs that change at short notice.

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Reduce costs

Reduce costs

in human resources deployment planning with:

  • Integrated person and shift deployment plan
  • Identification of available capacity
  • Ability to react to changes in human resources needs at short notice
Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

in human resources deployment planning with:

  • Allocation with drag & drop
  • Automatic consideration of qualifications and absences
  • Overview of the entire allocation at the touch of a button




Human Resources Management

Human Resources Availability

MESQ-it manages your employee master data – in close communication with the human resources master data of your payroll accounting system. You can easily plan your employees’ availability using the shift calendar.

At a glance, you can see the available capacity per shift, taking vacations, illnesses and planned absences into consideration. MESQ-it synchronizes your shift calendar with human resources needs to process the order pool.

Human Resources Deployment Planning

With targeted deployment planning, MESQ-it supports you in optimizing workflows and human resources costs: as soon as machines and work stations are selected, MESQ-it displays only the employees with the respective qualifications. Time bars indicate directly when the employee can be deployed. Using drag & drop, personnel can easily be assigned to an order/operation, including assignments to multiple machines.

MESQ-it changes the perspective on human resources planning according to your information needs – with variable reference parameters and customized time frames.

  • Human resources – Shift: Assignment of personnel to machines over the entire shift
  • Human resources – Time: Assignment of personnel to machines over the entire order
  • Human resources deployment plan: Human resources overview with all assigned orders and machines

Current Human Resources Situation

Based on your employees logging on and off the machine terminals, MESQ-it displays the current human resources deployment situation in your production. The MES updates with regard to changes automatically in real time. This forms the basis for reacting quickly to human resources needs that change at short notice.

Human Resources History

MESQ-it supports you in integrated human resources management with comprehensive history functions. This ensures traceability down to individual employees at any time. Instances of your employees logging on or off with regard to specific orders can also be traced at a later time because the working hours required for processing are booked in time accounts.

The high performance analysis functions keep you informed at all times with regard to presences and absences, recorded working hours and human resources availability. Moreover, MESQ-it automatically transfers the recorded working hours to your payroll accounting system.

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