Intelligent detailed planning and precision control

Using MESQ-it

MESQ-it takes the load off your back through intuitive fine planning and precision control tools that help you manage your routine tasks. These tools provide you with a complete and highly precise overview of all your production orders as well as your personnel and tool deployment. Through its digital planning chart feature, MESQ-it calculates the optimum utilization of your production line, reduces lead times and ensures your orders are processed strictly to deadline – even in the event of unscheduled production events and high priority urgent orders.

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Reduce costs

Reduce costs

of your production planning processes through:

  • Alleviation of the burden of handling routine tasks during the work preparation phase
  • Detection of reserve capacity
  • Fast conflict resolution in the case of disruptions to the schedule or urgent orders
Increase efficiency

Increase efficiency

of your production planning processes through:

  • Automatic order distribution
  • Integrated resource management for personnel, tools and machinery
  • Autonomous observance and monitoring of delivery deadlines




Planning and precision control

Utilization planning

MESQ-it enables you to plan with a particularly high level of efficiency: You can simply import orders from the order pool into the digital planning chart using drag & drop. Or let MESQ-it automatically calculate an efficient machine utilization schedule for you – whilst taking the following factors into account:

  • Shift calendar
  • Factory calendar
  • Operation materials schedule
  • Employee qualifications
  • Resource interdependency

Order visualization

Our graphical detailed planning tool displays all your orders, including split orders and multilevel production orders, centrally and transparently. Different colors are used to illustrate the status of the work steps (planned, running, delayed, disrupted, completed). In addition, MESQ-it also supplies an estimate of the probable remaining running time for each individual operation.

The digital planning chart view adapts to your individual information needs.

  • Order: Complete order overview
  • Operation: Complete operation overview, including machine, resource and tool utilization
  • Structure: Displays the complete order in combination with all its individual operations
  • Department: Only orders for a specific production area or department
  • Personnel: Employees assigned to each individual operation
  • Tools: Tools assigned to each individual operation
  • Delays: All delayed orders at a glance

Conflict resolution

MESQ-it color-codes any planning conflicts and actively points to the conflict details:

  • Machine scheduling conflict
  • Timing conflict with the previous operation, taking transport and idle times into account
  • Timing conflict with the next operation, taking transport and idle times into account
  • Lead time scheduling conflict

MESQ-it also includes a simulation feature which provides dependable information which can be used as a decision basis for implementing an alternative production plan.
To ensure that you select the optimum utilization schedule for the live production environment at your company.

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