SPC software for reliable process control

The SPC software CASQ-it SPC monitors and evaluates the quality of your series and mass production processes. Changes in your processes are made immediately obvious through systematic sampling conducted with the aid of statistical methods (SPC) – enabling you to intervene and take control. Through an explicit alignment to the needs of the operator, the SPC Software integrates your employees into your processes and makes them responsible. Demonstrate the optimization of the quality of your production processes and secure the trust of your customers.

CASQ-it SPC functions independently or in interaction with other CASQ-it modules – a customized solution that meets your requirements.

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Reduce costs

Reduce costs

of your production processes through:

  • Defect prevention at the point of origin
  • Decreased internal and external costs resulting from defects
  • Decreased inspection costs
Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

of your manufacturing control processes through:

  • Accelerated production checks
  • Increased process quality
  • Reduced calculation and documentation effort




Material process - SPC

Step 1: Work preparation

CASQ-it SPC has been specially designed to conduct inspections in the production area: The test stations receive their respective inspection tasks for each individual operating sequence when work commences. For the operator, this means that these tasks are available to carry out the tests directly at the point of production.

At the test station, the pending test jobs are displayed according to their due dates using a traffic light system which is clearly visible from a distance. As soon as a test job is due, your operator can launch the test by simply clicking on it.

Step 2: Operator self-test

Specially-designed operator ergonomics support the quality data collection process in your production area – like a red line leading your employee reliably through the test procedure. The graphical user interface is aligned to the needs of the operator and is impressive in its clarity and simplicity – for maximum acceptance. The recording of the measured values is made particularly easy for your employees as the required inspection devices, multi-guaging systems and keyboards are directly connected.

During the inspection process, CASQ-it SPC focuses on the special features of your process, such as cavities, skip, different sample sizes and machine-dependent control limits – taking these accordingly into account.

Step 3: Delivery

Even whilst the inspection process is still underway, CASQ-it SPC interprets the recorded readings to provide immediate feedback on the process quality – using control charts to provide detailed information and defect control charts to supply an overview. The reactions to process abnormalities, such as tolerance and control limit violations as well as cpk requirements, are documented by CASQ-it SPC in line with the ISO/TS 16949 and VDA standards. Inspection certificates issued in accordance with DIN EN 10204 certify the quality of your processes.

Step 4: Process analyses

Rely on the qualified, statistical analyses tools obtained by CASQ-it SPC. Process singularities, such as wear, special distribution, tool changes, cavity tools, outliers and instabilities, are discovered and given special attention during the process evaluation.

CASQ-it SPC supports the evaluation of your qualitative characteristics through attribute-based and interactive defect control charts, consolidated according to task or period. This is a reliable method of immediately recognizing weaknesses.

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