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Our CASQ-it quality audit software supports you with the implementation of your auditing processes. Ranging from a powerful audit program planning tool to audit execution and analysis of the recorded evaluations. And even once the audit is over, our integrated task management feature controls the tracking of your corrective, preventive and improvement measures – securely and reliably.

CASQ-it AUDIT functions independently or in interaction with other CASQ-it modules – a customized solution that meets your requirements.

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Reduce costs

Reduce costs

of your organizing your audits through:

  • Transparent auditor administration with integrated certificate monitoring
  • Simplified, graphical audit program planning tool
  • Catalogs with your own and standard-related questions
Improve efficiency

Improve efficiency

of your auditing processes through:

  • Transparent audit processes
  • Flexible auditing via online and offline audits
  • Integrated task management, connected to your mail system




Support process - AUDIT

Step 1: Audit program planning

You can schedule your internal, system and supplier audits using our powerful audit program planning tool. Single and multi-level processes provide reliable support when approving and modifying your audit program.

You can specify your own audit types according to your requirements and terminology. The auditor administration tool, including allocation of the different audit types, allows you to efficiently plan the deployment of your auditor team.

Using the import function, you can simply copy over your company-specific question catalogs from Excel using copy & paste. Alternatively, you can use the standard question catalogs that come with the module. These are oriented to the requirements set down in the DIN EN ISO 9001, DIN EN ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001, IATF 16949 and VDA 6.1 standards as well as the VDA 6.3 standard with its integrated potential analysis.

Step 2: Audit execution

CASQ-it AUDIT is a synonym for flexible audit execution: You can keep an eye on how the audit is progressing throughout the process, access the audit findings and improvement measures from the last audit and spontaneously add additional requirements whilst the audit is still underway.

Your professional audit management tool also supports you during external audits: Our convenient export/import assistant lets you use the auditmanagement software anywhere – regardless of your location and without a server connection.

You can audit suppliers onsite – either directly in the system or by entering the information you have recorded once the audit has been completed. As soon as you are back at the company, you can easily transfer all your changes and results to the server from your laptop or tablet.

CASQ-it AUDIT supports communications with your suppliers through being able to import/export findings and measures into an Excel file.

Step 3: Measure tracking

To Do lists ensure that your improvement measures are processed in a transparent manner and in keeping with the deadlines – right up to providing verification of their efficacy. With the aid of our measure management feature, your employees remain in control of all your remedial measures.

Measure management and processing is either directly integrated in CASQ-it AUDIT or is handled by our central CASQ-it TMS task management module. In both cases, CASQ-it coordinates and monitors your remedial and improvement measures to make sure that they are reliably processed.

Step 4: Success monitoring

Use our powerful analysis tools to compare your audit results. The graphical and tabular evaluation of your audits, findings and measures provides you with a transparent overview of the status and underlines trends. You can inform your management about the implementation of the audit program using the integrated Management Report function.

Main defect analyses, the evaluation of subsidiaries, departments, processes and suppliers as well as measure statistics and analyses of the findings show the extent to which problems have already been systematically alleviated. CASQ-it AUDIT allows you to monitor the quality of your processes to guarantee your customers reliability.

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