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The FMEA software CASQ-it FMEA is your reliable tool for systematically uncovering risks and potential defect causes early on in the development process – so as to avoid defects right from the outset. The FMEA software helps you to achieve this in accordance with the procedures set down in the AIAG, VDA and DGQ (German Society for Quality)  standards. The exceptionally close integration between CASQ-it FMEA and the CASQ-it Control Plan and CASQ-it Inspection Planning modules guarantees the consistency of your product development process (PDP): Any changes made by your FMEA team have an impact on your control plan – all the way through to your detailed test plans – your feedback control system to achieve the highest quality standards.

CASQ-it FMEA functions independently or in interaction with other CASQ-it modules – a customized solution that meets your requirements.

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Reduce costs

in your quality planning section through:

  • Systematic defect prevention strategies
  • Fast FMEA generation through a knowledge database
  • Import of FMEA knowledge into your control and test plans

Improve efficiency

in your product development division through:

  • Strategic analysis of defect causes
  • Avoidance of recurring defects
  • Automatic control of actions and deadlines



Clear tree structures as well as function and malfunction nets visualize the overall product design and the respective process chain – with the desired level of detail. This allows your FMEA team to conduct systematic risk analysis – starting with the complete component and reducing it down to any hierarchical system level. Through basic FMEAs, any design and process changes automatically impact all the respective products.

CASQ-it FMEA supports you with intelligent, self-learning catalogs that autonomously suggest suitable terminology. Within just a short space of time, a comprehensive knowledge database is created which can be used to generate new FMEAs extremely quickly.


The catalogs make light work of assessing the process workflows and functional interrelationships. The team can easily recognize risk areas as critical risk priority numbers (RPN) are immediately color-coded. Malfunction nets that identify the influencing factors also support the cause analysis process. When conducting risk assessment, you can choose between standard-compliant assessment schemes and your company’s own assessment system. Whether you require risk priority numbers, a risk matrix or a traffic light color-coding system: Use our CASQ-it FMEA module to visualize potential product and process weaknesses and defect causes.


CASQ-it FMEA systematically accompanies you along the path from discovering a possible malfunction to introducing a reliable identification, remedial and preventative action. Based on the defined responsibilities and processing periods, CASQ-it FMEA controls the required actions to ensure that these are processed on schedule. The multi-language, catalog-driven defect selection process supports the work of your team in determining which actions to introduce. This is achieved through the catalogs which suggest suitable terminology based on that already used in other FMEAs. This is a simple and efficient method of passing on existing FMEA knowledge.


Each employee receives his/her own personal “To Do” list containing a list of open actions. Whether you use our FMEA module or your own central action management system: CASQ-it automatically monitors the processing in the background. Are the actions being accordingly implemented? Can the deadlines be met?

CASQ-it FMEA has a unique way of supporting the work of the FMEA moderator: All statuses are continually updated and the specifics made immediately available. In the case of a postponement, an email is instantly dispatched by the integrated escalation manager.


CASQ-it FMEA generates the documentation pertaining to your risk analysis in line with the VDA and AIAG standards and/or your own formats. Report bundling, process flow charts in CPL, comparative analysis and action overviews bring transparency to your risk management procedures. Your FMEA results are processed seamlessly by CASQ-it throughout – right up until the successful completion of your product development process. Your FMEA module achieves this by supplying the individual process steps for the control plan, including detailed inspection plans.