Defect-free business processes lead to defect-free products. And that is exactly why CASQ-it is designed to encompass all the steps in your quality assurance and quality management processes – starting with the development process, continuing through the material process – up to and including your support processes. The advantage of CASQ-it lies right here in this process-oriented mode of operation – functionality that enables your CAQ system to adapt flexibly to your processes – and not vice versa.

CASQ-it supports your quality assurance processes on their journey into the future: Quality and reliability increase customer satisfaction whilst reducing the cost of quality.

Discover the benefits of CASQ-it – with over 30,000 users one of the most successful CAQ quality management solutions around.

CASQ-it is:
  • modular: Each separate CASQ-it module functions independently – enabling you to optimize individual processes and workflows within your company right from day one.
  • process-oriented: Our modules can be flexibly combined – or used to create a comprehensive quality assurance system.
  • integrative: CAQ functions are embedded in existing software solutions. This means that your indicators and quality information are available in your familiar working environment, your ERP or your Office system.
  • needs-oriented: Wherever your company is heading, CASQ-it grows with your requirements and can be consistently expanded – to accommodate regional or global needs, the needs of a single employee or to create an overall, company-wide system.
  • efficient: The intelligent automatic routines and workflows stored in all our modules take the load off your employees so that they can concentrate on their main tasks.