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Our CASQ-it TMS module lets you control, track and monitor your company-wide tasks centrally – and not only the tasks that originated from your CASQ-it modules but also additionally assigned tasks. Direct links to the other CASQ-it modules let you access all the details of each individual task at the click of a mouse. Through personalized to do lists and status indicators based on the traffic light principle, the task management software helps all concerned to get the processing done on time. Finally, up-to-date task performance indicators and powerful analysis tools contribute to increasing the transparency of your task management system.

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Reduce costs

of your Task Management System through:

  • Automatic task distribution via the CASQ-it modules
  • Integrated deadline monitoring and escalation management
  • Processing via a web browser without the need to install an additional client

Improve efficiency

of your Task Management processing through:

  • A personalized to do list for each individual employee
  • Generation of escalation emails
  • Access to background task information through a simple click



CASQ-it TMS is a centralized platform for managing all incoming tasks:

  • Project steps from the CASQ-it APQP module
  • Detection, avoidance and improvement tasks from the CASQ-it FMEA module
  • Improvement tasks from the CASQ-it AUDIT module
  • Emergency, remedial and avoidance tasks from the CASQ-it CMEA module
  • Incoming test orders from the CASQ-it IGI, II, SPC and OGI modules
  • Any other tasks originating from outside the CASQ-it modules

CASQ-it TMS is seamlessly integrated in the CASQ-it module landscape. As a result, all incoming tasks are automatically captured and centralized in the CASQ-it TMS tool. The flow of information in the opposite direction also functions just as seamlessly. Every time a task is completed, the work progress in the corresponding CASQ-it module is automatically updated – keeping you up-to-date at all times.


CASQ-it TMS automatically informs the responsible employees of their new tasks via email. This means that everyone knows exactly what they have to do. And CASQ‑it TMS also provides all the information needed for processing:
A simple mouse click lets you access the corresponding process in the CASQ-it module that initiated the task. This means that you can immediately access all the available information on the task in question.


CASQ-it TMS is the perfect management tool for controlling and monitoring all your tasks. Task analyses illustrate the following at a glance

  • Processing duration
  • Adherence to delivery dates
  • Task overview
  • Your own lists

The extent to which a task has already been completed is illustrated by calculating the progress of each task as a percentage – according to a pre-defined or your own assessment scheme.

In order to ensure that fixed processing periods are correctly observed, CASQ-it TMS independently monitors the respective deadlines. As soon as a deadline is in danger of being missed, you are automatically informed via status mails – allowing you to immediately introduce appropriate countermeasures.