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MESQ-it is intelligently interconnected with your production. From highly advanced, automated production facilities to existing equipment without control systems – the machine data collection software reliably records, processes and compresses your machine data. This systematically reveals improvement potential and increases the performance of your production.

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Reduce costs

in production monitoring with:

  • Fully automated recording of your machine data
  • Pre-processing and conversion of the machine data
  • Analysis of reasons for disturbance to identify improvement potential

Increase efficiency

in production monitoring through:

  • Machine monitoring in real time
  • Integrated alarm management in case of unplanned downtime
  • Calculation of production parameters at the touch of a button



MESQ-it can be integrated perfectly into your production where it communicates with your machines and equipment. The network between MES and machine is accomplished by:

  • Connection via WEB I/O modules
  • Direct communication with the equipment and machine control (PLC)
  • Information exchange via manufacturer-specific data communication protocols

MESQ-it uses established communication standards such as OPC-DA and OPC-UA for data transmission.

Are the machines you already have unable to communicate via common protocols? Is the machine and system control unable to be addressed or can it only be addressed with extensive effort? We use standardized components to integrate a wide variety of equipment and machines manufactured in many different years. No matter how your specific production environment looks – we have your solution.


MESQ-it records all machine data, combines it and compresses it – your online process representation without any delay incorporating:

  • Order and machine statuses
  • Quantity reports (yield quantity, reject quantity)
  • Disturbances and downtime
  • Causes of disturbances and downtime
  • Booked working hours based on time accounts (peak use time, disturbance time…)
  • Cycle times, including comparison with target values


The machine process controller (MPC) in MESQ-it provides maximum flexibility in machine data collection. From combined quantity calculation and conversion of dimensions to the selective acceptance of machine data – with the MPC you simply adjust the rules for accepting the machine data yourself without any intervention in the machine control.

MESQ-it accepts all of the machine data and automatically converts it according to your specifications. In this way, intelligent machine data collection with MESQ-it is the foundation for transparent production monitoring and reliable performance analyses.