Use CASQ-it IGI to control quality within your procurement process: Reduce your inspection effort through inspection severity dynamization – and only check where defects are likely to be encountered. Inspection results, hard facts and individual soft facts all flow into an integrated assessment process which can be used to systematically identify your most reliable supply partners – CASQ-it IGI guarantees quality right from day one and reduces the follow-up costs caused by defects resulting from third-party production processes.

Reduce costs

in your procurement and incoming goods divisions through:

  • Qualified suppliers
  • Upstream incoming goods inspections carried out by your suppliers
  • A reduction in inspection frequency

Improve efficiency

of your incoming goods section by:

  • Automatic inspection job generation
  • Targeted inspections
  • Automated return of the inspection results to your ERP system

Material Process - IGI

  • Step 1: Supplier selection

    Our supplier comparison helps you to choose the right suppliers when purchasing – and to order straight out of your ERP system using the order template supplied – providing you with comprehensive quality and supplier information in a familiar working environment. Intelligent buttons are integrated into the user interface of your ERP system.

    Just click on a button to immediately call up the desired spot or function in your CASQ-it IGI module: Whether you require the latest supplier classification, the results of the most recent deliveries or full supplier development details – CASQ-it IGI ensures you decide on the perfect supplier every time you order.

  • Step 2: Inspection tasks

    CASQ-it IGI is closely linked to your ERP system to provide efficient workflows: Entering the goods delivery into your ERP system automatically launches the respective inspection task in CASQ-it IGI. Use CASQ-it IGI to reduce your inspection costs – checks are only carried out where absolutely necessary.

    CASQ-it IGI uses intelligent dynamization rules to reduce your inspection effort – and only problem suppliers are subject to more in-depth monitoring.

  • Step 3: Incoming goods inspections

    The clear inspection structure leads your employees through the incoming goods inspection routine in a focused manner. All the respective provisions, drawings and documents have already been integrated into the inspection task – providing your employees with additional information that helps them carry out the inspection.

    CASQ-it IGI captures the characteristic values directly from connected inspection devices and attached measurement equipment. The inspection results – with a usage decision (appr., rej., special approval, conditional acceptance) are automatically returned to the ERP system.

  • Step 4: Subsequent defect detection

    To accommodate actual practice: CASQ-it IGI supports a subsequent correction of the supplier evaluation data. Third-party defects that only come to light during the

    actual production process remain attributable to the supplier, automatically leading to a drop in his/her supplier evaluation rating.

  • Step 5: Supplier management

    Use the integrated supplier management tool to uncover improvement potential and increase the quality of your suppliers. Detailed analyses, histograms, defect control charts, supplier classifications and powerful overviews with content that can be individually defined support the negotiations with your suppliers. The supplier data sheets provide you with all the details pertaining to each individual supplier.

    At a glance, you can see the classification according to A, B and C suppliers and their individual performance indicators. Hard and soft facts are used as a valuation basis – one that exactly corresponds to the specific requirements of your company vis-à-vis your strategic supply partners.