The Control Plan software CASQ-it CPL supports you throughout your prototype, pre-series and series production planning processes. Total efficiency from day one: All your process steps, product characteristics and process parameters are simply imported into your Control Plan from your FMEA system at the touch of a button.

The integrated inspection planning tool also helps you with the detailed planning of all the steps in your test procedures. The test plans for your incoming goods, SPC, production and outgoing goods sections are, therefore, directly evolved from your Control Plan. Whether your production involves linear structures or complex manufacturing processes – the graphical design of our Control Plan software allows you to retain an overview of all the quality assurance actions incorporated in your processes.

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Reduce costs

of your process planning activities through:

  • The import of process steps straight from your FMEA system
  • An integrated process flow chart in line with VDA 2.5
  • Group control plans for variants and function groups

Improve efficiency

of your test planning processes through:

  • The ability to switch flexibly between your Control Plan and detailed test plans
  • An integrated inspection planning tool for your incoming goods, SPC, production and outgoing goods sections
  • Powerful copy functions



CASQ-it CPL ensures the efficiency of all your planning activities in line with IATF 16949. Steps that already exist in your FMEA system are imported straight into your Control Plan – including all the product characteristics and process parameters specified in your detailed test plans. CASQ-it CPL is a synonym for efficiency throughout the product development process:
Several Control Plans can be generated from one process FMEA. This means that your Control Plan – the main tool for controlling your production processes – can coordinate all the various test methods and instructions used during your incoming goods inspections, production tests, SPC processes and outgoing goods inspections.


Working with our CASQ-it CPL tool is made easy by using a tree structure to illustrate the processes: You can switch flexibly between viewing detailed planning information and a planning overview. This ensures you always maintain a complete overview – even when dealing with complex structures.

CASQ-it CPL visualizes the structural list of all your product components: From the higher-level Control Plan for a specific assembly type, you can navigate in just a few clicks to the individual Control Plans for each respective component.

The Control Plan ensures continuity throughout your quality and process planning activities and provides a full overview of all your quality tests – across all your departments and for each individual phase during the lifespan of your product – from the initial prototype stage to the final series product.


CASQ-it CPL visualizes your structures in a process flow chart, as required by VDA 2.5. Operations and characteristics are turned into process elements which you can rearrange and combine as you wish using drag & drop. And one single click on an operation takes you straight to the planning details. Clear color-coding and shapes allow you to recognize all the individual operations, test plans, location information and any additional information at a glance. Photos can also be integrated into each separate process element. This turns your process flow chart into a complete overview of all the steps in your delivery and production processes.


CASQ-it CPL provides you with direct access to all your test plans – right down to the finest characteristics – for each individual component and each individual process step.
And you can do all this straight from your Control Plan – without having to switch modules.


CASQ-it CPL depicts your Control Plans in line with the current rules set down in the IATF 16949, VDA, AIAG and Odette standards. The integrated standard form is capable of visualizing both simple and extremely complex production structures clearly – with no extra effort required.