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Through an additional inspection type, CASQ-it SPC now makes your production processes even more secure and efficient: Conformity testing ensures that the operator unfailingly checks the right test part for the right characteristics.

Inspection type enhancement

This CASQ-it SPC enhancement is a variation of the testing by attributes process. For this purpose, a static nominal value is stored in the test plan, i.e. a string of characters to be tested for conformity – such as the article number of the component to be tested. The operator enters or scans this in at the test station. The software then evaluates this entry as to its conformity.

If the data entered matches the string of characters defined in the test plan, this is evaluated as “appr.” so that the test can be continued in the usual manner. In the case of a “rej.” evaluation – i.e. should the data entered by the operator not match the specification in the test plan – there are two possible subsequent scenarios: You can also stipulate in the test plan whether the employee should then check for defects or whether the test is then automatically aborted.

Effective, flexible and individually configurable

Particularly in the case of safety-relevant components, for example, in the automotive sector, the new CASQ-it SPC inspection variant can make a key contribution towards achieving more transparency and, accordingly, higher safety levels. Conformity testing can be flexibly configured as required using the characteristic types included in your inspection planning process.

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