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The booking history in MESQ-it supplies you with concentrated information about your equipment and machines: Each report about each machine is registered and documented in a long-term archive. This way, information regarding what happened, when and with which operating material can always be traced – this is your customized log book for all of your machines and equipment. In interaction together with the real time production cockpit and the long-term performance analyses, the booking history enables a fully comprehensive assessment of your machinery pool.

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Reduce costs

for machine and equipment assessment through:

  • Analyses of disturbances, reasons for disturbances and disturbance periods with precise reference to day and shift for discovering potential for improvement

Increase efficiency

for machine and equipment assessment through:

  • Automatic quantity reports to your ERP system – direct, with corrected data, or only after approval has been granted



While the production cockpit looks at your production in real time, the booking history gives you a detailed look into the past: Each booking for a machine, no matter if it was automatic using MDC or manual using PDA, is documented and archived by MESQ-it. This includes

  • Order start/Order end
  • Personnel logging on/logging off
  • Quantity responses
  • Information regarding disturbances and downtime
  • Time in use

All of the events in your machinery pool can be traced according to point in time, assigned personnel and booking details. This ensures complete transparency regarding your production, retrospectively as well. Moreover, it supports the reliable traceability of your production parts.


MESQ-it compiles each individual booking with regard to machines and orders into a shift booking. This allows you to receive concise information for each shift regarding

  • Production quantity, rework, rejects
  • Required working hours
  • Necessary setup times
  • Disturbances, reasons for disturbances and disturbance periods
  • Downtime, reasons for downtime and downtime periods

At the end of the shift, MESQ-it transfers the details of the shift booking, e.g. the total quantity produced in a shift, to your ERP system.