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CASQ-it QMIS provides information in a condensed form – exactly what a quality manager needs. The resulting analyses and indicators can be used interactively and act as your personal quality control station – always up-to-date and tailored exactly to your specific information needs. CASQ-it QMIS is the perfect enhancement to the following CASQ-it modules:

The respective quality information is pulled up completely automatically. All the latest indicators, tabular evaluations and graphical analyses are prepared and provided in a condensed, convenient form on an ongoing basis. CASQ-it QMIS is your compact information cockpit for delivery, production, product and service quality.

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Reduce costs

by working with dependable quality indicators:

  • Immediately
  • Always up-to-date
  • On all central topics

Improve efficiency

through using analyses to help you control your processes:

  • Aligned specifically to your requirements
  • At any desired location within your company
  • Tabular and graphical



CASQ-it QMIS supplies compact information based on your incoming goods, intermediate and outgoing goods inspections. Using indicators displaying the

  • frequency
  • defect type
  • defect location
  • defect cause
  • measures
  • inspection costs

in tabular and graphical form allows you to reliably detect the main causes of defects.

By simply pressing a button, you can change your angle in these dynamic analyses: In which products did the defect occur most frequently? Which suppliers, groups of suppliers or machines caused the highest inspection costs? This is done by adding progression diagrams to each compact indicator. This also enables you to simultaneously monitor the success of all the measures you have implemented. QMIS‑IGI, QMIS-BII and QMIS-OGI are your perfect tools for fast, compact information on the quality of your deliveries and production.


QMIS-SPC provides an ongoing overview of your production processes. Analyses focused on the main defects and progression diagrams also supply you with a general overview. Layer protocols provide current information on the inspection frequency and problem processes.

And a simple mouse click takes you from a bird’s eye view right down into the details. QMIS-SPC is your perfect tool for integrated quality assessment in your production process.


Our automatic process analysis feature, QMIS-APA, immediately identifies any critical production processes – without needing to initiate a particular analysis process or having to manually launch an assessment. Based on the recorded quality data, QMIS‑APA calculates the statistical indicators for all – or just the selected – processes.

In addition, QMIS-APA also guarantees that these process indicators are correctly documented. Furthermore, the cpk history provides supplementary information showing how the cpk values have developed over the course of time. QMIS-APA is your perfect tool for maximum process reliability.


QMIS-Serie documents the serial numbers of all the installed components, throughout all the various production phases. This provides you with a seamless history for every single serial number – from your goods in to your production and outgoing goods sections. If components are combined into a single unit, QMIS-Serie likewise groups the individual serial numbers.

And in cases where several components result from one single part, for example when cutting metal sheets to size, QMIS-Serie also provides a seamless and transparent documentation of the serial numbers from which these parts originated. In such cases, you can either adopt the supplier’s serial number or create your own. QMIS-Serie is your perfect tool for absolutely reliable serial number tracking.