CASQ-it IPL integrates all your inspection processes into one common test plan structure. As an integral component in your incoming and outcoming goods and production inspection modules as well as your Statistical Process Control (SPC) and Inspection Device Administration systems, CASQ-it IPL systematically streamlines your inspection planning processes. Due to a range of intelligent features, such as sample and family test plans and DIN buttons, planning your tests is not only simple and intuitive but also fast. Best case scenario: These special features can reduce your test planning administration effort by up to 90%.

Reduce costs

of your work preparation processes through:

  • Fast tabulated input
  • CAD test planning with stamps
  • Imports from your FMEA, Control Plan and PPAP modules

Improve efficiency

of your test planning processes through:
  • Test plan transfers
  • Automatic inspection severity dynamization
  • Test plan generators

Development Process - IPL

  • Step 1: Data transfers

    With CASQ-it IPL it is really easy to create your test plans – simply import the dimensions from your CAD drawings, transfer the master data of your articles from your ERP/PPS system and derive your test plans from your control plan.

    Test and sample test plans that have already been used are transferred in – accelerating your inspection planning processes. DIN buttons provide catalogs that help you to record tolerances quickly.

  • Step 2: Structural planning

    Test schedules and family test plans as well as single and multi-level defect catalogs ensure that your product and process structures are accurately depicted. Inspection severity dynamization reduces your inspection

    effort to ensure that you only conduct the inspections that are absolutely necessary. The restricted validity of the test plans as well as integrated supplier approval checks give you security.

  • Step 3: Detailed planning

    CASQ-it IPL takes the needs of your employees into account through providing a clear inspection structure and supporting information: The graphical display of your inspection plan underlines the characteristics visually; test instructions, photos and drawings also allow your employees to take action more confidently.

    The centrally-configured characteristic types control the individual inspection behavior in the functional, visual and assembly inspections – systemwide. They also control the dimensional tests based on sampling plans or 100% tests – as required by your processes.

  • Step 4: Test plan history

    CASQ-it IPL automatically documents all the changes for you: All modifications to the test plan are automatically recorded in both the

    test plan history and the product history – as required by the DIN EN ISO 9001, ISO/TS 16949 and VDA standards.