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A month ago, training for our three future IT specialists: Kilian Flöck (specializing in application development), Pit Schmahl (also specializing in application development) and David Schindler (specializing in system integration) kicked off at Böhme & Weihs in Wuppertal.

This was an exciting month full of new impressions, new colleagues – and new challenges. During the course of their training, these three young men will get to know a range of different departments, thus gaining a wealth of knowledge in their individual areas of specialization. Through a series of special trainee projects, they will also deepen their knowledge of programming languages and developer tools. Our Böhme & Weihs training program also includes sufficient space to be able to get to know and try out new technologies. Our junior staff members are vigorously supported by experienced colleagues in a dynamic, open team setup.

“Our three new trainees have already become well acquainted with the seven trainees who started last year. This is a great way for them to exchange information and get practical tips”, says Max Frenzel, deputy head of training at Böhme & Weihs. “This is, of course, an advantage – especially during the first months of getting familiarized with our processes and different technologies.” Flöck, Schmahl and Schindler have already written their own programs in C#. “This programming language is also used at their vocational training college which is why we started with this”, explains Frenzel. “The next steps the three of them will take include learning to write programs in C++ which is used to write numerous elements of our Böhme & Weihs software. And, of course, the training plan also includes familiarization with our various CAQ and MES software modules. In addition, a broad range of additional content and tools will be covered – because training as an IT specialist at Böhme & Weihs is as comprehensive as it is exciting.

Certainly, we would like to wish Kilian Flöck, Pit Schmahl and David Schindler continued success and plenty of fun during their training period and look forward to working with them in the future.

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