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Böhme & Weihs will continue to advocate the Deutschlandstipendium [Germany scholarship] program in 2019. We will be extending the funding of our scholarship holder, Mohamad Almortada, this coming semester. We not only want to support Mr. Almortada financially during the second semester of his bachelor’s degree course on Computer Science at the University of Wuppertal, but also to continue supporting him as a mentor for another year. At the scholarship celebration on November 9th, Mr. Almortada and Jörg Hundertmarck, head of software development at Böhme & Weihs, exploited the opportunity to find ways of further supporting Mr. Almortada’s professional development. For example, one of the things we have done was to offer Mr. Almortada an internship so that he can further develop the skills he has gained during his studies by putting them to practical use.

For Böhme & Weihs, promoting young talent is an essential component of a sustainable society. In addition to our internship and apprenticeship positions, as well as our Vocational Exploration Day, the Germany Scholarship program enables us to make it easier for young students in the computer science field to embark upon their studies and take up their careers later on. Half of the Germany Scholarship program is funded by private sponsors and the other half through the Federal government. In 2018, a total of around 30,000 scholarships were awarded. Students from the 305 participating universities can apply for the Germany Scholarship. In addition to good grades, social commitment and special personal achievements – for example, having overcome the hurdles in one’s own educational background – are also factors which are considered when the scholarships are awarded. Further information on the Germany Scholarship program can be found on the website of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

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