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From now on, the enticing smell of bread, pizza or tarte flambée will be wafting through the premises of the Weitbrecht school in Wasseralfingen. This was made possible through the donation of a fully-equipped wood-burning oven to the value of € 2,200 by our branch in Aalen. “Thanks to our new, wood-burning oven, we are now able to experience a more complete lunchtime with our pupils. We are really happy about the support received from Böhme & Weihs”, stresses Volker Sturm, head teacher at the special needs education and advisory center which focuses on learning disabilities. The Weitbrecht school sees itself as a place of learning for children with special needs in a number of completely different areas. Ordinary schools are generally not able to meet these challenges. The focus of the teachers who deal with the individual needs of the pupils on a daily basis not only concentrates on the instruction itself but also includes an educational component. The new wood-burning oven now supports the Weitbrecht school in completing its broad range of tasks.

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