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CASQ-it FMEA users are more than ready for the harmonized AIAG/VDA manual. The publication of the harmonized FMEA manual back in the summer of 2019 promoted this method description to a global standard within the automotive industry. However, other sectors also benefit from these failure mode and effects analysis methods during the production planning process. For the harmonized manual, the five steps of the old VDA FMEA were supplemented by the steps “Planning and Preparation” and “Results Documentation” – resulting in a total of seven steps. This improves the chronological and logical planning of your FMEA processes. For the experts, the replacement of the risk priority number (RPN) by the task priority (TP) was also an important step in improving FMEA methodology.
It is probably going to take a while until the new FMEA methodology has become second nature to all companies concerned. This is also apparent from a survey of FMEA moderators conducted by the FMEAplus Academy.

Böhme & Weihs’ CASQ-it FMEA module is a powerful FMEA software tool which allows you to systematically uncover product and process defects at an early stage and to avoid the risks associated with these accordingly.

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